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"The Holy Hajj" Special Program in Tamil

Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic), a non-profit socio welfare organization of Tamil speaking Muslim community in Kuwait, (established in 2006 - registered with Indian Embassy of Kuwait and also with Administration of Grand Mosque, Kuwait Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs). K-Tic has a impressive name among the socio-welfare organizations in Kuwait and Gulf countries whose benevolent works and enlightening activities and conserving Islamic uniqueness and also well known with the thousands of Indians especially all Tamil speaking people in Kuwait . On the occasion of the Holy Hajj, K-Tic arranged outstanding special program on “The Holy Hajj Conference” in Tamil Language on November 4, 2010 Thursday @ 7:00pm after Isha Prayer at Masjid Majeed Al Hilal Al Othaibee, Fahaheel. The conference was presided by Moulavee Ash-Shaikh M.S. Mohammed Meera Shah Fazil Baqaavee (President), the program continued in the precedence of Al-Haaj M. Abdul Kader alias Delhi Batcha (Senior Advisor) and welcome address by Al-Haaj A.K.S. Abdul Nazar (Dy. Gen. Secretary). Moulavee Haafiz Qaari Ash-Shaikh A.R. Mohamamed Ibraheem Manbayi (Vice President) and Moulavee Ash-Shaikh S. Haja Moyeenuddeen Ulavee (Member, Scholars (Jama'athul Ulamaa) Wing), Moulavee Afzalul Ulamaa Ash-Shaikh A.B. Khaleel Ahmed Baaqavee M.A., (General Secretary) and Al-Haaj H. Mohammed Nasar (Dy. Treasurer) were gave valuable lectures on The Holy Hajj. The conferences concluded with vote of thanks by Al-Haaj M. Zahir Hussain (Treasurer) and The Dua made by Moulavee Haafiz Qaari Ash-Shaikh A. Muhammed Sha Nawaz Manbayi (Member, Scholars (Jama'athul Ulamaa) Wing). The conference was attended from Tamil speaking community and was beneficent for them and their families. Separate seating was arranged for ladies and dinner was served at the end of both programs. On the next day (November 05, 2010) after Jum'a prayer, Highlights of the Holy Hajj were presented by Moulavee Haafiz Qaari Ash-Shaikh M. Mohamamed Nizamudh Deen Baaqavee (Vice President), at the usual weekly Hadiths classes conducted at Masjid As-Sheikha Sabeeka - Hawally. Here in this Masjid it crossed 225th week Hadiths class on last October. Similarly the Holy Hajj highlights were presented by Al-Haaj H. Mohammed Nasar (Dy. Treasurer), at the usual weekly Hadiths classes conducted at Masjid Al Anbaa’e - Abbasiya. Here in this Masjid it crossed 75th week Hadiths class on last October. Further, information & forms were presented for the Al-Quran Classes arranged in co-ordination with Kuwait Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs.

- Kamal Basha

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