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Another Mile Stone has been achieved in our UAE Tamil Sangams journey


UAE Tamil Sangam's TNCT 2010, 1st time in UAE.

UAE Tamil Sangam conducted Tamil Nadu Cricket Tournament for members on 7th and 8th Oct 2010 (Floodlight Match) near Sharjah Cricket Stadium, it was unbelievable and unforgettable event/tournament.

Initially we were planning to have Eight Teams Knock out Tournament. But to everyone's surprise UTS has more than 10 teams, due to time & team restriction we were able to give chance on 1st come 1st serve basis for 8 teams only, the participants were from entire UAE.

Participating Teams (Madurai Chargers, Coimbatore Challengers, Chennai Kings, Thanjavur Royals, Trichy Riders, Tirunelveli Daredevils, Madras Kings XI, Kumbakkonam Knights)

In UAE 1st time Ladies (Tamil Ladies) participated in a Cricket Match.

7th Oct 2010 1st quarter finals started @ 7.45pm and 4th Quarter final was completed @ 8th Oct 2010, 3.10am, great news that till that time 75% of the families with kids were enjoying the match. We are very proud to have such sportive, friendly and encouraging families also such talented players in UTS.

UAE Tamil Sangam arranged Transportation, Snacks, Dinner for Players and Spectators.

UTS arranged colour coordinated T-Shirts for all the players.

Special SMS system was prepared by UTS for prompt communication (Match Timings, Results, etc.,).

During the match there was a Cheering team who encouraged the players. Special thanks to the Cheer leaders Mrs. Ganga, Mrs. Sowkiya, Mrs. Kokila, Ms. Swetha, Baby Vasundhra, Baby Prasitha, Baby Varsha, Baby Shreya, Baby Shradha and Baby Taruna.

Special thanks to Mr. Shoban Babu who sponsored Water/Juice for entire match (7th and 8th Oct 2010)
Special thanks to Mr. Suhail, Mr. Anandan (Brain-O-Brain), Mr. Sendhil, Mr. Sargun, Mr. Karthik, Mr. Arun, Mr. Bala, Mr. Mothi, Mr. Aravind, Mr. Pesankumar..for Umpiring and Scoring for the entire match (7th and 8th Oct 2010)
Special thanks to all families and elders who came to our match and encouraged us and blessed us (elders).

Our victory wouldn't have been possible without the support of our team members, I am very proud to have such a team, special thanks to Mr. Prasanna, Mrs. Sreeganga Ramesh, Mrs. Vaheedha Suhail, Mrs. Amirtha Ameen, Mrs. Kavitha Prasanna, Mr. Suhail, Mr. Propser, Mr. Ameen and the entire UTS Family.

Special thanks to Safire Restaurant Sharjah (06-5614393) who sponsored the Trophies for Winners (12), Runners (12), Ladies Cricket Team Players (12). Thanks to Mr. Saminathan and Mr. Madhan who came to our Final Match and distributed the gifts. During Mr. Saminathan's speech he mentioned he is in UAE for 30 years he has never seen such a Wonderful, Professional match mainly with Tamil Families also he mentioned all UAE Tamil Sangam's members will be able to avail special discount at his hotel (Sharjah Rolla and Al Nadha)

There was a Raffle draw after the Final prize distribution for Ladies (Members and Spectators) the gift was sponsored by Mr. Sathyamoorthy, Perumal Garments, Dubai.

Winners - (Madras Kings XI) - Ramesh Viswanathan (C), Davulath Shan, Chinraj, Prabhu Ramani, Sriram Viswanathan, C Aniston, Bala, Ayyappan, Rangarajan Raju, Shoban Babu, Bala, Nagarajan, Raghu Raman, Sreeganga, Kamakshi and Swetha.

Runners-up (Thanjavur Royals) : Deepak Ramasamy(C), Dinesh Antony, Santhosh, Rajesh Ramaiyan, Raneesh Kumar, Balraj, Durga Ramesh, Satheesh kumar, Ranjith Kumar, V S Bala, Vijay Bhaskar, Joseph Balraj and Priya.

Ladies & Under 18 Cricket Team | Mrs. Sreeganga, Mrs. Sowkiya Aravind, Mrs. Kokila Arun, Mrs. Kamaktshi Sriram, Mrs. Priya, Ms. Swetha, Master Arjun Rajesh, Master Sreenivas Raghu Raman, Ms. Taruna.

Man of the Tournament - Mr. Koushik
Best Batsman - Mr. Ayyappan
Best Bowler - Mr. Aniston

We will meet soon with yet another mind blowing event until then...

Thanks and Regards
Ramesh Viswanathan / Prasanna Sudarsanram and Team

- Kamal Basha

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