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UAE looks ahead with confidence..celebrating 40th National Day

Unity in diversity that is what I think the UAE stands for. The country is like a kaleidoscope where myriad nationalities live together and harmoniously merge into a beautiful society. Home is where your heart is and my heart goes out to this wonderful country with its far-sighted and visionary rulers who strive to the best of their abilities to keep problems at bay.

Forty years on, the UAE is a country with much to be proud of and equally much to prepare for. Its relative success at improving the quality of life for Emiratis for example, a 93 per cent literacy rate, a 7/1,000 infant mortality rate and a $230 billion (Dh844 billion) economy, compared to $20 billion in 1971 has come with a social tax: The Emiratis are a minority in their own country. The expatriate community in Singapore, which the UAE is often compared to, forms just 25 per cent of the population. In the UAE, expatriates form 88.5 per cent of the 8.3 million population, up from 85 per cent in 2006. To many this may sound like waxing lyrical on a tired subject, but it is only so because it is an issue that has been so fashionable to dissect with a spoon that it has lost its resonance; a little like overchewed gum.

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- Ajmal Hameed
( Dubai Correspondent for )

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